Wednesday, 9 May 2012

'The Art of Silence'

Oh me, oh my! I saw a beautiful painting exhibition, The Art of Silence, at Linton and Kay gallery when I was down the Hill on Monday; exquisite still life paintings by the Melbourne (?*) artist, Julie Davidson. Ms Davidson is truly a talented and skillful artist. Her abilities continue to develop, and so does her market - this show is almost sold out, with most sales taking place before the official opening!

I'm not sure if I am allowed to do this but, because it is promoting the artist and her work anyway, I just have to show you my favourite artwork from this show:

Still Life with Loquats and Drapery II, Oil on Linen, 153 x 122cm

If you live in Perth and have a weakness for Still Life painting as I do, Go. And. See. It!! But make sure you end up at the right place - Linton and Kay have a few premises. This exhibition is in the gallery on the corner of the Nicholson Road traffic lights, right next to the Subiaco subway. Given that the gallery puts artworks in the huge windows that front on to this intersection, I don't know how they haven't had more car accidents!!

Sam xx

* I think she is from Melbourne but she is somewhat elusive, dealing exclusively through her galleries.

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