Sunday, 20 May 2012

Bush Barbecue

Today, we took the girls for a barbecue in the bush. Not far, just to a small nature reserve about 40 minutes or so from where we live. Close to York. We haven't been there before but it was on the map, winking at us, so it seemed as good as any place for us to go.

Of course, it would have been perhaps a bit more organised of us if we had brought gas bottles for the barbecue that actually had, well, you know... gas! But, G took up the challenge and we built a wood fire instead, with the girls helping to collect rocks. Brilliant! And definitely more of an adventure that using the gas barbie from home!
Mountains of cooked sausages, homemade bread to wrap them in and also my yummo homemade tomato sauce..... bliss! The latter part of our visit involved a short walk, punctuated by frequent stops to collect bush bits with which to make patterns and pictures.

And, even better, we were pleased to see that the local authorities had fenced off the reserve so that trail motorbikes couldn't access the area and rip the paths to pieces.

Great day!

Sam xx

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