Sunday, 27 May 2012

Schoolhouse tunic #3

Last Monday I posted a photo of my next sewing project in cutting out mode, and one kind reader suggested that it looked rather intriguing.

Really?? Well, I suppose it could have been had it not been for my dodgy cutting - I didn't place the back bodice piece on the fold!

I have made this pattern before. I know that the bodice is one piece, but I forgot, and on Tuesday I realised I had two halves for the back rather than one whole piece. So, I packed it away for the day I could get back to the not-so-local fabric shop from where the fabric came in order to purchase some more, and instead, set off to the not-so-distant Spotlight to buy some different new fabric.

I managed to find some beautiful grey linen but was then distracted by a rich, neutral plummy/grey cotton sateen - perhaps not quite the drapey fabric recommended in the pattern but it was such a gorgeous colour, I couldn't resist!

Wednesday, I cut it out. I sewed that night and finished the garment on Thursday. The sateen is a bit stiff but still workable. It just happens to look a bit....fuller...than other softer fabrics.

And here it is*.....Ta-dah!

Surprise, surprise - it's another Schoolhouse Tunic! Not necessarily very exciting, not very original, but at least I now have something new to wear!

And there are more to come.......

Sam xx

*Sorry about the light and colour in the photo - it certainly doesn't look very exciting - more brown than anything, but trust me, there is plum in there!


  1. Plum is one of my fave colours. I look through my wardrobe and most things are shades of purple.

    Love it!

  2. Perfect fabric and colour for winter, I do love this pattern, makes such a great tunic.