Thursday, 10 May 2012

My Creative Space - Hexagon WIP

When I set out to use all my 8ply wool leftovers in my 'Every Day in May'* hexagon blanket, I certainly didn't expect that I had quite so many bright colours. And bright they are! But I have to be honest - I'm not using all the leftovers; for some yarns there is just not enough for a whole hexi, while I didn't feel that some of the others suited the look I was vying for. Maybe they are just a bit too neutral and stood out too much? Too many middle tones?? Too many purple hues???

But my biggest questions is "Where did they all come from??"

Sam xx

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*Every Day in May challenge instigated by Kate at


  1. I hear you! I am doing the same using up all my left overs but have only ended up using some as the others just don't fit!

    I am loving how your hexie blanket is turning out! Amazing what you can do with left over isn't it!

  2. well i think it looks fab....I'm loving all the bright colours and what a great way to use up the bits xx

  3. Looks gorgeous! Reminds me of the colour selection chart when you use a Microsoft product (eg Publisher), and you choose the "More Colours" option. Always exciting!

  4. Gorgeous hexies, I love the colours.......I have quite a few leftovers that I should try and use up......

    I've never crocheted a hexie before, maybe I'll give it a go over the weekend....perfect crochet weather...cold!!

    Claire :}

  5. oh, they are so great! I love the bright colours, and the navy ones tie in so well. YAY!