Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Baking Banana Bread

I have been baking banana bread* for today's Kid On The Couch.

The trouble is, the only person who seems to be eating it is the big kid in the kitchen!


I always bake when the children are recovering from illness - I've got some bread on the go at the moment as well. Mmmmmmmmmm!!!

And did you see the book on the table behind the banana bread? The recipe for the banana bread didn't come from that (see * below) but hopefully my future bread making attempts will. The girls (and G!) gave me the book for Mother's Day.

Miss M is well and truly on the mend - she's just VERY tired!

When do you like to bake?

Having lots of baking fun!

Sam xx

* Easy Banana Bread recipe from Donna Hay's 'No Time To Cook' recipe book.

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