Monday, 21 May 2012

The eyes have it

"I've been expecting you to call," said my Optometrist, earlier this year, as she peered closely at my records. 

Excuse me?

"You are a '68/'69 baby, right?"


"Well, then, I've been expecting you. You are either one of the ladies who can't thread a needle anymore or someone who loves to read but can't because you can't read the print as easily as you used to. Which one is it?"



No, it seems I can't! In fact, it seems I need reading glasses. I mean, wasn't it bad enough realising that I am no longer in my 'early forties'? Obviously not! But wait. There's more. Bifocals. Excuse me???

No. Not yet. Reading glasses will do for now. I'll get bifocals/multifocals when I really need them.

And this week, not three months since this initial exchange with my Optometrist, I do.


But it's not all bad. Maybe having reading glasses and being able to see close up is the reason why I have been knitting again, sewing again, painting again.

"Life begins at forty"? Not for our eyes, it doesn't!

And for those who like to see things.......a sneaky peek** at my new sewing project.....

Looking*** forward to my new glasses,

Sam xx

* Optometrist's pun, not mine!
** My pun, this time. Sorry.
*** Sorry, again. I couldn't help myself!


  1. The sewing project looks intriguing! Looking forward to seeing it develop.

    Yes, have been down that path....all that youthful elasticity gone, and not just from our eyeballs either! Any detailed work I need to do at a distance of less than 30cm has me reaching for the glasses.

    Don't be tempted to have the "20 min" surgery instead of glasses. One of my students is an ophthalmologist genius and has stated none of the eye professionals will have it done because of the scar tissue. And the fact that the condition will keep returning.

    1. Hi Cindy

      In regards to eye surgery, both my Dad and MIL have had their cataracts removed and lenses replaced. Dad has never truly been convinced his lens choice was the best, and my MIL's surgery was so recent she has yet to come to an opinion about its success.